Routine Medical Care for Exotic Animals

Bird being examined Routine care for your pet can seem somewhat less than routine to you when you're dealing with an exotic animal. No matter how unfamiliar you might be with the needs of such animals, however, Dr. Nathan Anderson at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic can provide the necessary evaluations, recommendations, and treatment to help your rodent, bird, reptile, or other non-traditional pets enjoy optimal health for years to come.

The Need for Routine Care and Treatment

Unusual animals can have some unusually specific health and wellness needs. For instance, many small mammals have teeth that never stop growing, which can lead to dental problems unless they receive the right food and maintenance care. 

Birds and other enclosed animals require enclosures of the right size and containing the right kind of bedding to support their health. Reptiles tend to require precise temperature control and plenty of water in their enclosures, as well as a diet that might range from lettuce to insects or mice. Our team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic can recommend the right dietary choices, enclosure options, and daily care practices to keep your pet well.

Preventative wellness care also includes regular health evaluations. We can administer periodic wellness exams that include lab tests, routine dental care, vital sign monitoring, and other essentials. Most exotic animals should receive such exams every six to 12 months. 

We can also give your pet the necessary vaccinations and other preventatives to keep diseases at bay. In some cases, spaying or neutering may be recommended, not only to keep your pet from getting pregnant but also as a means of preventing certain reproductive ailments.

Routine medical care for exotic animals also includes treatment for non-urgent injuries or illnesses. If your pet appears injured or sick, bring him to our clinic. Dr. Nathan Anderson can administer the proper treatment to restore him to health.

Our Veterinary Team Helps Your Exotic Pet Thrive

Exotic pet care is a lot easier when you can have access to the right medical expertise. Contact 800-462-8749 our veterinary team today for an appointment.


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