Exotic Animal Husbandry and Nutritional Counseling

Two macaws on a tree Exotic Animal Husbandry and Nutritional Counseling in San Diego 

Taking care of exotic animals can present numerous challenges for owners. In addition to finding skilled veterinary expertise for these special animals, you must also know how to give your exotics the proper food and environment for optimal health. But don't worry, because our veterinary team here at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic is happy to provide professional exotic animal husbandry and nutritional counseling services.

What Is Animal Husbandry?

The term "animal husbandry" applies broadly to the care, feeding, and breeding of animals. More specifically, many people use it to describe the care of farm animals or livestock. Horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and other such exotic animals have particular needs that their owners must meet, from the proper size of the enclosure to clean bedding and comfortable temperatures.

Good hygiene is a critical aspect of exotic or livestock animal husbandry. Animals subjected to contaminated soil, food, or water can develop serious diseases such as fungal infections, skin problems, and hoof-and-mouth disease. Dr. Anderson at our clinic can advise you on how to maintain healthy conditions for your animals. We can also provide necessary preventative care in the form of wellness exams, vaccinations, and pest/parasite control.

Many owners of farm animals intend to breed their animals. Breeding introduces the potential for additional health concerns such as dystocia and other labor complications. We can monitor your animal's health throughout pregnancy and assist in delivery as needed.

Nutritional Needs of Exotic Animals

Exotic animals can have extremely precise and narrow nutritional requirements. For example, sugar gliders can develop serious bone problems if their diet contains the wrong ration of phosphorus to calcium. Birds may love seeds, but a seed-only diet offers inadequate nutrition (and too much fat). Some reptiles happily eat plants or dead bugs, while others eat live rodents. Our team can recommend specific raw foods, prepared products, and nutritional supplements to help your exotic pet stay healthy.

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If you need comprehensive assistance in caring for your exotic animal, our veterinary team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Clinic can help. Contact our clinic today at 800-462-8749 to schedule a consultation.

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